The British Herald, or Cabinet of Armorial  Bearings of the Nobility & Gentry…


Título The British Herald, or Cabinet of Armorial
Bearings of the Nobility & Gentry…
Autor Thomas Robson
Año 1830
Páginas 1312
Nº Registro 6711
Disponible Sólo en formato digital
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VOL 1 Pgs. 671 Ir al libro.
VOL 2 Pgs 1312Ir al libro.
VOL 3 Pgs. 453 Ir al libro.

Aportado por: Francisco Javier Rubio y González
Notas The British herald; or, Cabinet of armorial bearings of the nobility & gentry of Great Britain & Ireland, from the earliest to the present time; with a complete glossary of heraldic terms: to which is prefixed a History of heraldry, collected and arranged ..

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